if i kiss you, it'll make the sun go down


It’s easy to buy fitness equipments and not use it as often as you would like. If you have a foam roller at home you hardly use, get your money’s worth by incorporating it into your daily workout routine. Here are 4 exercise moves you can do with the roller for a full body session. Either add these individual moves to your workout routine or perform one after the other, rest for 60 seconds, then repeat the set two to three times for a full workout. Check out Part 1 for more moves. 


Sleep eating Kangaroo.

Afternoon swim by (IslandPhotoBug)


Fall=cute outfits


  Happy Holidays by Grivetart


Sue Webster and Tim Noble


These Veiled Figures of Bronze and Marble by Kevin Francis Gray Seem to Drip with Fabric

Irish sculptor Kevin Francis Gray works primarily with bronze and marble to create idealized figures draped with fabric in the style of Neoclassical or Baroque figurative sculptures. Though, unlike gods or royalty that one might expect to see rendered in such incredible detail, Gray instead creates anonymous depictions of regular individuals he encounters near his studio in London, often people struggling with addiction or other difficult, real-world issues.

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